Innovative Technology

Founded in 1981, Innovative Technology, Inc has become a Globally recognized manufacturer of Inert Glove Box and Solvent Purification Systems. Headquartered in Newburyport, MA, USA, Innovative Technology, Inc is a industry leader for the US Scientific and Research community while exports account for approximately 40% of annual sales.    While standard product was Innovative Technologies initial focus, the company has adapted to the wide variety of application specific design concepts that require Inert Glovebox and Gas Purification Systems. Many of these applications are highlighted within this web site.    In 1997 Innovative Technology, Inc became the first company to offer a commercially available Solvent Purification System. Based on the Grubbs method, these systems were designed to offer a safe operating environment for research groups that required anhydrous solvents. Innovative Technology, Inc has continued to stay ahead of the curve by continually improving upon this process and offering a system that is both safe and extremely functional.    As we stand today; Innovative Technology, Inc offers a diverse product range for a broad range of applications spanning many industries. This wide customer base allows for continued growth. In the 31 years Innovative Technology, Inc has been in business, we have developed an extremely organized and successful international distribution network allowing customers all over the world to take advantage of the Innovative Technology, Inc product line while enjoying local service and technical support.

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