KD Scientific

KD Scientific's selection of syringe pumps range from inexpensive single syringe infusion pumps to multi-syringe infusion/withdrawal pumps featuring independent rate and volume settings for both infusion and withdraw plus five different mode selections.    All KD Scientific syringe pumps have a menu and alphanumeric display to quickly prompt you through set up. All pumps feature preset rate and volume control plus automatic shutoff. Dispense volume is tracked and displayed continuously. When the preset volume has been dispensed, the pump shuts off automatically. Flow rate is continuously variable across the flow rate range.    Each KD Scientific pump employs a sophisticated microstepping motor drive to virtually eliminate pulsing. Built-in TTL and RS232C interfaces permit easy external control on many pumps.  [i] Note: KD Scientific syringe pumps are for laboratory use only. They have not been approved by the FDA for human clinical use.[/i]

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