Kelvinator Scientific began production in Detroit, Michigan in 1968. National Refrigeration Company purchased the company in March 2005 and all products are manufactured in South Carolina.        Kelvinator Scientific include industries such as clinical, research, biotech, industrial, government/military, water treatment facilities as well as other miscellaneous applications.        Kelvinator Scientific produces product for specific categories including: Lab Refrigerators, Lab Freezers, Ultra Cold Freezer, FMS and EXPR Refrigerators and Freezers, Blood Storage Refrigerators and Freezers, Chromatography Refrigerators, Refrigerated Incubators and Walk in Rooms.        The Kelvinator Commercial brand is over ninety years old and its’ name is associated with Lord Kelvin. Lord Kelvin was one to the greatest physicists of the 1800’s who was instrumental in the early history of refrigeration. Kelvinator was the first successful manufacturer of refrigerators, beginning in 1914, and we are proud to be associated “Kelvinator” with Lord Kelvin.        Lord Kelvin first suggested that the use of a gas thermometer for accurate readings. Lord Kelvin’s famous reply, “I’ve thought of a better way” is they motto for the production of Kelvinator Commercial products.        Quality is the common denominator of Kelvinator Scientific.

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