From the company’s beginning its mission has been to provide the medical community with high quality, cost effective products benefiting surgeons, nurses, and hospitals. After over two decades of innovation, its research and development team has continued to bring to market revolutionary electrosurgical devices and accessories to keep pace with the changing needs of healthcare professionals. Megadyne products have proven their effectiveness in the thousands of operating rooms throughout the world and have been the driving force behind Megadyne’s emergence as an innovative leader in the medical products industry. The company has moved from being an electrosurgery tool provider to an end-to-end, full-solution electrosurgical equipment and accessory developer/manufacturer with a strong strategic vision to continue the expansion of the business. Megadyne’s complete line of products include: the Mega Power™ Electrosurgical Generator, the E-Z Clean® line of non-stick electrosurgical tips, the revolutionary reusable Mega Soft® Patient Return Electrode System, the E-Z Pen™ Electrosurgical Pencil, Resposable Laparoscopic Electrodes with MegaTip® and Indicator Shaft® technology, electrosurgical pencils, open procedure electrodes, laparoscopic electrodes, bipolar forceps and many other electrosurgical accessories.

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