Mizuho OSI

Over 25 Years of Medical Innovation Mizuho OSI has been a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, innovative medical products since 1978. The largest segment of Mizuho OSI’s business is focused on the operating room with equipment that improves surgery through advanced patient positioning. The company offers a wide number of highly specialized surgical tables for spinal, joint replacement and orthopedic trauma surgery as well as tables for comprehensive imaging procedures required by today’s minimally invasive procedures. Mizuho OSI is also the nation’s second largest supplier of over-bed traction equipment and offers an extensive line of patient care and pressure management products to hospitals and clinics around the world. Mizuho OSI was founded in 1978 as Orthopedics Systems, Inc., and is now a subsidiary of the Mizuho Ikakogyo Co., Ltd., in Tokyo, Japan who acquired Mizuho OSI in 2002. Mizuho is the leading surgical table manufacturer in Japan and Asia with significant share of the U.S. general surgery table market as well. Mizuho was founded in 1919. Mizuho OSI products are sold in the U.S. through direct sales representatives and worldwide through authorized international distributors.

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