mottLAB Inc. has trained designers, planners and builders of quality steel laboratory furniture assemblies and fume hoods. From a single room to an entire building, mottLAB's expertise in meeting your laboratory and hospital furniture needs is second to none. We can assist you every step of the way: from planning and design including work flow analysis; to layout for supplies and instruments; to conducting performance tests on fume hoods; to evaluating products under actual laboratory conditions; to on-site installation expertise. Our planning and design staff have many years of practical experience they can draw on to help you. They know how to listen to your needs, and translate them into sound, highly workable solutions that are the most cost effective. Their skills include not only those required for laboratory installations, but also for the pharmacy, washup, utility and casting rooms, radiology, nurservers and many other areas of the hospital environment. Remember, there is no obligation when you use our planning and design services. mottLAB provides attention to every detail along the way, from concept to completion... and beyond.

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