New Era Pump Systems

[b]The New Era Difference.[/b] [b]We offer products that are what you want and need.[/b] When customers demanded the ability for the pump to increase flow at a smooth rate, we listened and created a gradient upgrade. We are not going to add a feature we think you may want, only the ones you demand. The end result is a line of pumps you want and need, none you may need to convince yourself to buy. Furthermore, we offer custom design services where we can build whatever pump you may possibly need. [b]We offer the smartest, most versatile syringe pumps.[/b] Any two syringe pumps in the NE-1000 Family of Syringe Pumps can talk to each other in the family. The pumps are built for automation, so communication is paramount. The RS-232 bi-directional interface allows for two pumps to communicate. The Dual/Continuous Pump System is both smart and saves you tons of money. The Dual System allows two pumps to talk to one another through a cable. This allows the pumps to perform either continuous flow, emulsification or disconnect the cable and work independently at any time. Changing the pumps from one function to another is terribly simple. With this system you have three pumps in one and the price is less than any pump you can get from the competition. [b]We offer unparalleled customer support.[/b] We enjoy talking to our customers, hearing about their applications, and helping them with their designs. To help a customer, we would provide hours of free telephone support, or even make a special version of the firmware at no additional charge. Why would we do this? Because, we treat our customers the same way we want to be treated by our vendors. It's simply good customer service. [b]We keep our prices at an affordable level.[/b] New Era Pump Systems Inc. was founded to fill the market niche of affordable laboratory equipment. Rather than to adopt the industry standard practice of continuing price increases, we are continually looking for ways to bring more value to our customers. Price increases are not inevitable. Often times university and institution customers have a certain purchasing power or budget limit. With our great prices, purchasing becomes much more flexible for any customer. [b]We offer the best deal in the market.[/b] Originally founded in 1996 by Barry Cowen, with experts from the syringe pump industry, our flagship product line, the NE-1000 Family of Syringe Pumps, has lived up to the ideal of giving the best value to the customer. The NE-1000 Family of Syringe Pumps includes all the advanced features of a high end pump (infusion & withdrawal, programmability and computer compatibility) at an affordable price. Our customers often ask us why our products are such a better value than our competitors. We can only respond with our amazement that our competitors can charge so much.

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