Phase Technology

[b]Precision[/b]  Phase Technology test instruments measure pour, cloud and freeze point, combining innovation with usability. Our analyzers give quick, precise results — backed by responsive service and ongoing support.    Supported by 17 years of extensive inter-laboratory “round robin” research, Phase Technology consistently ranks highest for repeatability, reproducibility, sensitivity and equivalency to reference manual test methods.    [b]Reliability[/b]  Phase Technology has a proven track record — all of the world's major oil companies depend upon Phase Technology’s expertise and commitment to quality.    With a firm foundation in research and development, Phase Technology’s advantage is its specialization — Cold Flow is All We Do! Our concentrated focus on science, engineering and design has made Phase Technology methods the most accepted worldwide cold flow standards in the global petroleum industry.    [b]Trust[/b]  The world’s leading oil refineries, commercial laboratories, fuel distributors, lubricating oil blenders, aviation companies, and military all use Phase Technology instruments because they know we are attentive and responsive to their needs.    Customers place confidence in Phase Technology to address concerns through research and innovation. They rest assured that we remain focused on precision, eliminating bias and increasing workflow productivity.

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