[b]1960[/b] Start-up as "Chemie & Filter GmbH" by Prof. Dr. h. c. Viktor Dulger in Heidelberg. Main focus was the production of protective filters used in the pipeline systems of private homes  [b]1968[/b] Launch of the first electronic solenoid driven metering pump "ProMinent electronic". The name ProMinent determined the present name of the company  [b]1971[/b] Production of the first ozone systems  Beginning of the worldwide expansion with the first subsidiary in Switzerland  [b]1975[/b] Introduction of measurement and control technology as supplement to existent product range  [b]1976[/b] Manufacture of the first chlorine dioxide systems  Canadian facility opened  [b]1982[/b] First motor driven metering pump   [b]1985[/b] Production of the first sensors for measurement of chlorine  [b]1987[/b] New company name: "ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH"  [b]1988[/b] Launch of the first solenoid driven metering pump with microprocessor control and LC display   [b]1997[/b] Extension of the process technology sector – reverse osmosis and UV disinfection systems  [b]2003[/b] Strategic alignment into the business areas "Chemical Fluid Handling" and "Water Treatment Systems"

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