Saw Instruments

SAW Instruments GmbH designs, develops and sells biosensor-based laboratory instruments for Research. Our target market is Life Sciences research in academia and biotech. In a unique approach, the proprietary technology of SAW Instruments uses Surface Acoustic Waves rather than traditional optical methods like SPR. This delivers a highly sensitive system which is simple to use, and performance which unlike SPR approaches is not interfered with by the presence of complex or dirty sample matrices such as serum, blood, clinical isolates, or fermentation broths. The product is uniquely positioned compared to other biosensor technologies, in that it is able to measure proteins in cells, membranes and liposomes using an ‘amplitude parameter‘ to detect conformational changes. In addition it carries out the orthodox functions of affinity measurements, kinetics and concentration determination. In the field of label-free biosensor technology SAW Instruments has more than ten years experience. It is our goal is to continue to build on this experience with our customer installed base and to develop a family of new workflow driven products and to expand our customer, applications and geographical base.

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