Scientech, Inc

Scientech, Inc., an American owned manufacturer of analytical instruments, has been serving the laboratory and analytical markets for 40 years. The Company is a small, closely held corporation, which offers products that are 100% Made in the USA. Scientech offers three lines of electronic precision balances. They are: [list] [*] New Zeta Series balances with new patented weighing technology (14 various models) [*] Series 12000 line of electronic balances (46 various models) including semi-micros (0.01mg) [*] HC Series of electronic balances(4 various models) [/list] All models include standard features such as an RS232 data interface, zero tracking, automatic calibration, real time temperature compensation software, vibration filtering and parts counting. Scientech's line of laser power and energy measurement systems both calorimetric and pyroelectric technologies. Able to measure from nano joules to kilowatts, these systems offer numerous features and capabilities. The new versatile Synenergy Vector indicators are capable of measuring CW or pulsed lasers with either calorimetric, pyroelectric, or photodiode detectors while displaying the measurements using either digital, analog, or a combination display. Scientech also features the widest selection of large aperture calorimeters and specials, which are used for unique laser measurement applications such as fusion research facilities.

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