Sirius Analytical make instruments to measure physicochemical properties of drugs - specifically pKa, logP, logD, solubility and dissolution. Starting with our first instrument PCA101 in 1990, we brought order to this analytical topic. Our GLpKa instrument is widely used across the industry for pKa and logP measurement. Our new SiriusT3 instrument is the latest addition to our range of titrators. Throughout Sirius' history, we have been innovators. We introduced the standard of reporting pKas in 0.15M KCl ionic strength, Yasuda-Shedlovsky plots to obtain aqueous pKa from values measured in cosolvents, the use of Target Factor Analysis to obtain pKa from UV spectroscopic data, pH-metric measurement of logP, and, solubility measurement by CheqSol. With over 50 Sirius-authored papers and chapters, and hundreds of oral presentations and posters at scientific meetings, Sirius is truly a leader in this field. Market research tells us the assays and improvements that customers want, and our chemists work side-by-side with software engineers to develop them. We responded to requests for faster assays with lower sample weights by introducing Fast D-PAS measurement of pKa. Sirius RefinementPro brings all our assays together into a powerful program for controlling instruments, manipulating drug physchem data and calculating results. In parallel with our Pharma instruments we have applied our skills in analytical QC, creating GLpH and Vinotrate. Sirius is a privately-owned company operating from a modern facility in England’s beautiful county of East Sussex. Our customers are in pharmaceutical research, as well as in QC labs and wineries. Customers in North America are supported from our Beverly, MA office. Distributors represent us in Japan, China, Korea, India, Malaysia and some European countries.

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