Stratophase Ltd

Stratophase monitors glucose status, through optical microsensors, to enable real-time continuous control. Biomanufacturers are then able to constantly refine and manipulate fermentation bioprocesses, to improve yields and consistency of product, and avoid the costs of wastage in biopharmaceutical manufacture. The Stratophase in-line, real-time approach to bioprocessing supports initiatives from the US FDA to develop Process Analytical Technology (PAT). The aims of PAT are to improve consistency and reduce waste in biopharmaceutical manufacture, in part through advanced monitoring techniques during manufacture. The Company’s plan is to develop strategic relationships with industry partners. It already has trial installations and is looking to expand these numbers in 2012. These trials will enable full integration of the glucose monitor into both new and existing processes. The Stratophase team includes inventors of the technology with extensive industry knowledge, plus senior management with commercialisation experience. The VC-backed company is a spin out of the world renowned Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton.

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