A division of the Synoptics Group, founded in 1985 by imaging experts from the University of Cambridge. At Syngene they live and breathe image analysis because products specifically for gel documentation and fluorescence/chemiluminescence imaging are all we’ve ever focused on developing. Their other divisions in the Synoptics Group, Synbiosis and Syncroscopy, develop imaging solutions for microbial and microscopy applications so they are complete life science imaging specialists. They are headquartered in Cambridge, a thriving scientific hub in the UK and have a centrally located US subsidiary in Frederick, USA. Globally, their products are supported by an international network of over 60 highly-trained distributors, all of whom employ imaging specialists. Their world-leading technology includes a wide range of equipment for instant gel documentation, automated chemiluminescence imaging and TLC plate reading, which comply with current regulations specified by accreditation bodies and regulatory agencies. Their systems are used globally by more than 50,000 scientists and you’ll find them successfully contributing accurate data to important projects in many of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies and major research institutes.

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