Titertek Instruments

Titertek Instruments designs, builds and sells laboratory instrumentation for the Life Sciences. We specialize in precision, microliter-range liquid handling and microplate stackers. We pride ourselves on an open-minded attitude to product design and features. We always listen to requests for modified or customized products. Our streamlined management structure means a decision on such matters is usually available within a day or two. Thanks to cooperation with other vendors, we are able to offer stackers integrated with a variety of class-leading products and to incorporate the best plate readers into our workstations. Titertek became an independent company in 1996 and can trace its origins back over 35 years to the early days of microplate instrumentation. The company became an affiliate of Berthold Detection Systems of Pforzheim, Germany in July 2008. That same month, the controlling share in Titertek Instruments was acquired by Dr. Anselm Berthold. Two years later Titertek became the fully owned subsidiary of Berthold Detection Systems.

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