Since 1838, Troemner has enjoyed a long history as the leader in the field of precision measurements. Over the years, Troemner has enhanced its reputation as being the premier company in the metrology industry by achieving ISO 9001 certification, and accreditation in our laboratories by both the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) administered National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Troemner strives for excellence in every area of the business, and continues to raise the standards of the industry.     Troemner offers the most comprehensive selection of precision weights and mass standards. Our weight selection includes every imaginable size and type from 5000 lb cast iron test weights to the extremely precise, highly polished one and two-piece stainless steel weights. At Troemner, careful attention is paid to every detail of production. Weight bottoms are slightly recessed to expose the smallest possible area to wear. Weight heads and necks are precisely shaped to give a solid, sure grip to forceps or weight lifters. Troemner uses the finest materials available for the production of all of our weights and mass standards. For your most demanding applications, our precision weights are manufactured from Troemner Alloy 8, which is a specially developed stainless steel. Troemner Alloy 8 possesses closely controlled density, extremely low magnetic permeability, good stability and resistance to corrosion and handling damage. We manufacture and calibrate weights to meet or exceed the highest tolerance standards of ANSI/ASTM, OIML and NIST.     Troemner’s Calibration Laboratories provide our customers with all the data and traceability information they need for their calibration items. Troemner is committed to achieving the highest levels of accreditation for all its calibration technologies. Since 1995, both NVLAP and UKAS have accredited Troemner's Mass Calibration Laboratories. Troemner offers either NVLAP or UKAS calibration and certificates for precision weights. Troemner’s Mass Calibration Laboratories can also provide NVLAP accredited mass magnetic susceptibility and density determinations for precision weights. Troemner was the first company in the United States to be accredited by NVLAP for Pipette calibrations and certificates. Troemner’s NVLAP accreditation has expanded to meet the diverse needs of our customers and now includes the Humidity Calibration Service, Pressure Calibration Service, and Temperature Calibration Service (for comparison temperature calibrations). Troemner’s Thermal Mass Flow Calibration Service is performed in an ISO/IEC 17025 compliant laboratory. New services, including Electrical, Time and Frequency, are being added to ensure we are meeting all of the unique needs of our customers.     For over 40 years, Troemner has been a leading provider of laboratory equipment. As the needs of our customers have changed, we have added to our product line. Troemner's diverse laboratory equipment products include Labjaw clamps, various hotplates, stirrers, shakers, Talboys overhead mixers, and gas cylinder safety products. Troemner strives to provide our customers with exactly what they need to run their laboratories efficiently and safely.

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