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Williams Healthcare Systems is the leader in quality healthcare products for nearly 100 years. It’s our mission to delight all of our customers with world-class products and services. Now with more choices than ever before, our Zenith® adjusting tables are depended upon by more doctors of chiropractic and chiropractic colleges than any other brand…we hope you will too! With our roots at the humble beginnings of Chiropractic itself, original Zenith® adjusting tables were designed by chiropractor and our founder Dr. William Williams in Muscatine Iowa in the early 1900’s. So appreciated were the Zenith adjusting table’s features in fact, that other leaders like great Doctor’s B. J. Palmer, Hugh Logan, Gonstead, Toftness, Thompson, Stucky, Pierce, Leander Eckard, James Cox and many others have blessed us with their approval over the years. With Zenith® adjusting tables, form follows function in our durable, long lasting products, with features suited to complement every recognized chiropractic adjusting technique and style recognized worldwide. NEW - Decompression Treatment Solutions Our innovative clinical solutions for Decompression Treatment. Versatility is designed into our new SPINALIGN® DCS™ decompression systems which feature seven (7) pre-programmed treatment modes, belts, harnesses, bolsters, all at one low price. The SPINALIGN® DCS™ easily converts from an intersegmental treatment system to Decompression treatment and back again. NEW - Motorized Flexion Distraction Adjusting Tables Get a LE95 Motorized Flexion Adjusting Table. A “Technique Friendly”, attractive, functional adjusting table. Proven with over 20 years and millions of adjustments. Lets you place your patient’s spine where it can be adjusted with the least amount of effort. Puts the spine in motion and makes adjusting easier and less forceful. Zenith® Series Electrotherapy Imagine Zenith® quality, attractive styling, easy protocols and six (6) waveforms at competitive prices. Our new Zenith®-Series Electrotherapy & Therapeutic Ultrasound line has unparalleled functionality, dependability, and durability. Your patients will love our exclusive AutoStim™ Plus feature – it ramps intensity comfortably. Dual frequency ultrasound, two and four channel e-stim, and combination therapy units are offered. So durable, they’re backed by a four-year limited warranty on the unit, and a two-year limited warranty on the soundhead. Zenith® Adjusting Tables Are World Class A Zenith® table is the best investment you can make... superior quality and durability that’s backed by a five-year parts warranty. Williams Healthcare Systems is the exclusive manufacturer of the renowned tables for Zenith-Thompsonâ, Pierce™, and Coxâ Techniques. Zenith® offers several back saving features such as Power Front Section, Power Balance, and Lo-Force™ Drops. Originally known for the Zenith® Hylo, we offer dozens of models including flexion/distraction, portable, stationary, and verti-lift tables. Intersegmental - Comfortable and Quiet Choose from the SPINALIGN® or Classic Body Relaxer™ Tables. Both tables offer vibration soft tissue massage as optional features. Our famous Spinalign table offers multiple treatment combinations as well as treatment timer. A unique multi-roller system is the key to comfort on the Classic Body Relaxer™. Four miniature intersegmental rollers lift and release twice in each direction maintaining pressure on the paraspinal muscles without vertebral contact. Williams Tables - Affordable and Dependable For dependable quality at affordable prices, the Williams Model 190 hylo and stationary tables are sure to delight. Popular options include an Abdominal Swingaway, and up to four manual drops. U.S. Tables - More Features = More Value For superior value, look to our U.S. Table® Division providing durable tables at reasonable prices. Known as the manufacturer of the famous SPINALIGN® Intersegmental table, just one in a full line of tables. Included are our sturdy elevation or stationary tables with two-way drop headpieces; take your choice of drops and features. Looking for affordable flexion tables, foot cocking drops or a stationary to upgrade to an elevation table…. look to U.S. Tables. ‘The only thing better is a Zenith® Table’. We appreciate your interest in the full line of Williams’ products, as a Registered Medical Device Manufacturer, we are delighted to inform you that all of our products are registered with the FDA and have CE listing. [b]Williams Healthcare Systems[/b] 158 N. Edison Avenue Elgin, IL 60123 PH: 847-741-3650 Fax: 847-741-3661

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