Emerging Analytical Solutions to the Challenges of PFAS Detection

The importance of robust methods and contaminant-free lab water in PFAS measurement

PFAS contamination is a growing global problem with severe environmental and health implications. Regardless of the sources, measures must be taken to accurately detect and mitigate the buildup of PFAS chemicals in the environment and in humans. In parallel, research is needed to better understand the impact these chemicals have on our resources and our bodies.

To advance these efforts, robust and sensitive analytical methods are required to eliminate background and support accurate and reliable PFAS detection. These methods include PFAS-free lab instruments, components, and consumables.

This eBook explores the following:

  • Key aspects underlying the PFAS problem
  • Current challenges of PFAS detection and the active areas of technology development
  • A comprehensive review of the entire PFAS workflow from detection to compliance and the crucial role lab water systems have in PFAS analysis