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AA Spectrometer and Graphite Furnace

AA Graphite Furnace

Based on the same principles as Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS), though more sensitive so it can be used for trace metal analysis in the ppb range.

For some metals which can cause poisoning in relatively small quantities, it is vital to test in the ppb range for their presence in food and water.

New and used AA Graphite Furnaces for sale at LabX. Find the ad below and contact sellers directly for a price quote, and to purchase.

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Thermo iCE 3000 Series AA Spectrometer
Price: Please Inquire

Condition: Used

AAS Graphite Furnace, Varian GTA 110Z
Price: CA$3,000.00

Condition: Not Specified

Spectrophotometer Graphite Furnace, AA, Perkin Elmer
Price: CA$3,800.00

Condition: Not Specified

AAS Graphite Furnace and autosampler, Perkin Elmer HGA 400
Price: CA$1,500.00

Condition: Not Specified

Agilent 240Z AA (200 Series AA) with PSD 120 and GTA 120
Price: Please Inquire

Condition: Refurbished

INESA AA320N, AAS Flamme
Price: €9,750.00

Condition: Used