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Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel

Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel

Abrasive cut-off wheels are designed to give the user a fast, comfortable cut while providing long life and performance advantages over conventional products. They are ideal in metal fabrication, maintenance repair and general industrial applications.

Fixed-base cut-off wheels are used on fixed based machines where the work is securely clamped and the wheel adequately guarded, and the design of the machine is such that the cut-off wheel operates in a controlled cutting plane.

Wheels intended for use on masonry are made with a silicon-carbide abrasive, while metal-cutting wheels contain either zirconia or aluminum oxide, depending on their intended use. Silicon carbide is the hardest of the three types and aluminum oxide is the softest, a distinction that becomes important as a wheel is used and abrasive particles fracture to expose fresh cutting surfaces. Silicon-carbide abrasive particles are sharper and harder, and thus continue cutting efficiently on concrete or other masonry surfaces. A softer wheel would glaze over in this application due to the abrasive particles wearing down instead of fracturing. has an extensive list of Abrasive cut-off wheel offerings covering a wide range of applications and configurations.  Please take a look at our listings and ‘Similar Product’ category to shop and purchase the system that is right for your needs.

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