Cited in more than 3000 publications, the Agilent Mx3005P and Mx3000P QPCR Systems are the most flexible—and reliable—instruments available for gene expression analysis, microarray data validation, SNP genotyping, pathogen detection, DNA methylation analysis, and chromatin immuno-precipitation studies. Agilent’s qPCR software, MxPro, provides users with an intuitive interface, quick experiment design, powerful data analysis and easy report generation. All of these features and more make qPCR with the Mx instrument an exciting and dependable user experience.

Agilent PCR and Agilent qPCR Machines

Agilent Technologies produces reagents, software and technologies for biology and genetic toxicology research. With its acquisition of Stratagene in 2007, Agilent has increase their portfolio of life science product. Agilent PCR and qPCR exude the quality and precision needed for success.

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