Critical features and applications: Extended mass range triple quadrupole LC/MS enables routine analysis of high mass-to-charge peptide ions.  This is ideal for detecting large peptide fragments, post-translational modifications, and other highly relevant protein characteristics. Fast data acquisition speed and high quantitative performance.  The highly sensitive Agilent 6495B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system enables precise, accurate quantitation, simultaneously monitoring hundreds of potential contaminants, such as mycotoxines, illegal dyes, and pesticides, with reduced matrix effects and improved method robustness.  Sensitive, high-throughput triple quadrupole determination using optimized MS cycle times.  The system enables direct injection of samples without prior sample pre-concentration -- for instance, in screening and quantitative analyses of PPCPs in surface water samples at levels as low as 0.5 ng/L (ppb).

Agilent 6495B

Experience the Highest Level of Confidence

The Agilent 6495B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system is at the forefront of robustness, reliablity and accuracy, which makes it a perfect option for many applications, including; peptide quantitation, food safety, environmental, clinical research and forensics.

Streamline your analytical workflow with increased sensitivity and precision

Your samples are precious and turnaround time is critical to the success of your organization. A sensitive, yet rugged instrument that provides day-in, day-out performance is a cornerstone to your workflow.  Building on the legendary reliability of Agilent systems, the 6495B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system incorporates hardware and software innovations that deliver high-quality analytical performance and robust, repeatable results.

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