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Amaxa Biosystems Nucleofector II

Amaxa Biosystems Nucleofector II

Amaxa® Nucleofector® Technology is a highly efficient non-viral method for transfection. It is based on 2 components: the Nucleofector® Device that delivers unique electrical parameters, and Nucleofector® Kits. These contain Lonza certified cuvettes, pipettes, Nucleofector® Solution and Supplement. Each solution and supplement is individually developed for every primary cell type. For cell lines, five different Nucleofector® Solutions (C, L, R, T and V) are available. The electrical parameters of the Nucleofector® Device are different from any other commercially available electroporation device. Each electrical setting is displayed as a distinct program which has been adapted to the requirements of a particular cell type. As the electrical settings are pre-programmed into the Nucleofector® Device, optimization of the electrical parameters by the user is not necessary. The device weighs only 2.6 kg and is conveniently sized so that it easily fits under a sterile hood, which greatly facilitates sterile work with cells.

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