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Anton Paar HPA-S

HPA-S represents the ultimate performance in wet chemical high pressure digestion sample preparation for AAS, ICP and Voltammetry. The HPA-S acid digestion method is an internationally recognized reference procedure and is in operation as a high-performance routine instrument in numerous laboratories. 
Hermetically sealed reaction vessels, temperatures up to 320 °C and pressures up to 130 bar guarantee quick and complete mineralization - free of systematic errors.

High and consistent temperatures and pressure

  • Acid digestion up to 320 °C and 130 bar (1900 psi)
  • Total mineralization of samples
  • No deformation of vessels or lids
  • Unlimited digestion time

Uniform heating of all vessels

  • Accurate temperature control
  • Same reaction condition for every sample - independent of sample, reagents and vessel size

Best high pressure digestion vessels

  • Hermetically sealed, high-purity quartz vessels
  • No loss of analytes, minimal contamination
  • Inexpensive one-way seals, no cleaning
  • Different sizes of vessels for optimal adaptation to different tasks

Safety without compromise

  • Robust construction with multiple pressure relief devices
  • Secure locks prevent operation errors
  • A ”TÜV GS” approved safety certificate documents the high safety level of HPA-S
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