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Applied Biosystems 7300

The Applied Biosystems 7300 PCR Thermal Cycler is a real-time PCR system that offers a cost-effective solution for the detection and quantification of nucleic acid sequences. This system integrates thermal cycling, fluorescence detection, and application-specific software to measure the accumulation of PCR products in a single-tube reaction.

Key features include:

- Four-color detection that supports a variety of applications such as gene expression analysis, pathogen quantitation, SNP genotyping, isothermal, and plus/minus assays.

- Precision optics and a charge-coupled device (CCD) camera, along with a sophisticated multicomponenting algorithm, provide highly accurate and reproducible results.

- The Peltier-based thermal cycling system accepts standard 96-well plates and 0.2 mL tubes. - All sample wells are illuminated with a tungsten-halogen lamp, and the four filters detect fluorescence emission onto a CCD camera.

- The system supports real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) applications, including gene expression analysis using relative quantitation assays and absolute quantitation using standard curves.

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