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Astro TOC

The astroTOC UV Process TOC Analyzer was developed primarily for Petrochemical/Chemical applications such as unit outfall, cooling water, and process condensate, though it is also well-adapted to other applications in industrial process water and wastewater. The instrument is capable of measurement in a broad selection of ranges, from 0-5 mg/L up to 0-20,000 mg/L TOC with 2% accuracy (4% diluted). It offers a quick response time of T90 in < 8 minutes (includes TIC sparging).  
The astroTOC UV Process TOC Analyzer is a rugged, low-maintentance analyzer designed to withstand severe industrial conditions. Loss of sample and loss of UV reactor flow are standard integrated advanced diagnostic features. A dual range NDIR detector and a multi-staged UV lamp reactor enable the analysis of high salts, high suspended solids, and hard-to oxidize samples.  
The astroTOC UV TURBO Analyzer provides fast and accurate low level TOC analysis without interferences in chemical/ petrochemical and power generation condensate water (Co-generation), and in semiconductor recycle-reclaim water. Combining chemical and ultraviolet oxidation techniques in a low-temperature reactor delivers a direct and continuous TOC measurement. By removing 100% of the Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) from the sample, the astroTOC UV TURBO only measures true TOC as described by ASTM, EPA, ISO, and Standard Methods, yielding accurate results in less than 5 minutes.
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