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Awareness Technology ChroMate

The Awareness Technology ChroMate is a compact and efficient microplate reader designed for reliable absorbance measurements in various laboratory applications. The ChroMate offers a wide dynamic range for absorbance measurements, spanning from 405 to 630 nm, ensuring accurate quantification of samples across a broad spectrum of concentrations. Equipped with precision optics and advanced photodetectors, the ChroMate delivers high sensitivity, enabling the detection of low-concentration analytes with exceptional accuracy and reproducibility. With fast reading capabilities, the ChroMate allows for rapid processing of microplates, achieving a maximum read speed of 8 seconds per 96-well plate. This feature enhances laboratory efficiency, particularly in high-throughput screening and research applications. The ChroMate features intuitive software and a user-friendly interface, simplifying instrument operation, assay setup, and data analysis. This ease of use enables researchers to streamline their workflows and obtain reliable results with minimal training. The ChroMate is suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications, including enzyme kinetics, protein quantification, cell viability assays, ELISA, and more. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool for life science research, drug discovery, clinical diagnostics, and quality control laboratories. Designed with a compact footprint, the ChroMate conserves valuable bench space while providing robust performance and reliable results. Its space-saving design makes it suitable for laboratories with limited space constraints. In summary, the Awareness Technology ChroMate offers precise absorbance measurements, high sensitivity, rapid plate reading, user-friendly operation, and versatile applications, making it an ideal microplate reader for various laboratory settings.

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