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Beckman Coulter J2-M1

The Beckman J2-MI Centrifuge is a refrigerated floor-model system designed for general laboratory use. The unit employs an innovative microprocessor-controlled system for optimal accuracy and user convenience. Moreover, the system is equipped with a brushless induction motor for low maintenance, as well an advanced digital display capable of indicating actual rotor speed and temperature, run time remaining or elapsed, program number, and accel/decel rates.               

Engineered to protect both sample and rotor, the J2-MI centrifuge offers automatic rotor deceleration in situations where abnormalities are detected. An alert message will be displayed to signal the condition. This allows the user to diagnose the problem and restart the run.               

Other notable features of the Beckman J2-MI refrigerated centrifuge include reliable touch switches, 10 program memories, automatic temperature control, and automatic maximum speed limits.

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