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Beckman Coulter L8-55M

The Beckman Coulter L8-55M is a high-capacity refrigerated centrifuge renowned for its robust performance. The centrifuge offers variable speed control, reaching speeds of up to 55,000 RPM (revolutions per minute), generating centrifugal forces of 340,000 x g, enabling rapid and efficient separation of biological samples. Equipped with precise temperature control capabilities, the L8-55M maintains temperatures ranging from 0-45 °C, ensuring optimal conditions for temperature-sensitive samples during centrifugation. It features programmable settings for acceleration, deceleration, and run time, allowing users to customize centrifugation protocols according to specific application requirements. The centrifuge is equipped with safety mechanisms such as imbalance detection and automatic lid lock, ensuring safe operation and sample integrity. The Beckman Coulter L8-55M centrifuge is the preferred choice for laboratories requiring high-capacity, reliable, and quantifiable centrifugation performance for a wide range of biological and biochemical applications.

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