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Beckman Coulter L8-70M

Beckman Coulter L8-70M

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The Beckman L8-70M Ultracentrifuge has been the mainstay of laboratories world-wide for ultra high speed centrifugation processes.     

The Beckman L8M is a microprocessor controlled preparative ultracentrifuge used to generate centrifugal forces for the separation of particles, The Beckman L8M ultracentrifuge can work with many of the Beckman family of ultracentrifuge rotors with exception to type 15, 35 and 42.1              

The Beckman L8M features the ultra-smooth variable-frequency induction drive; dual program memory; dual purpose digital displays; touch switch's numeric keypad; programmed operation and 10 deceleration profiles.               

A digital display, indicates vacuum level, rotor speed, rotor temperature, run time remaining or elapsed , and accumulated centrifugal effect (Ω2t). Actual operation conditions of the instrument are displayed unless either the system is in input mode, or display toggle is set away from display mode. IN this case the selected values for the run show for 5 seconds.