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Beckman Coulter PARADIGM

The Beckman Coulter PARADIGM is an advanced liquid handling platform tailored for high-throughput screening and automated sample processing. The PARADIGM platform offers exceptional throughput capabilities, facilitating rapid and efficient sample analysis in various laboratory workflows. Equipped with precise liquid handling modules, the system ensures accurate and reproducible dispensing of reagents and samples, enabling precise manipulation of small liquid volumes. With a modular design, the PARADIGM platform allows for customizable configurations to accommodate diverse assay requirements and laboratory workflows, including options for multi-mode detection, plate handling, and integration with robotic systems. Designed for seamless integration into automated laboratory workflows, the PARADIGM platform features compatibility with various laboratory automation systems, enhancing workflow efficiency and facilitating high-throughput screening applications. The platform is equipped with an intuitive user interface and software, enabling easy programming, operation, and monitoring of instrument performance, thereby enhancing user productivity and reducing the learning curve for operators. The Beckman Coulter PARADIGM platform is widely used in drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, and clinical research laboratories for applications such as compound screening, assay development, biomarker analysis, and high-throughput sample processing. In summary, the Beckman Coulter PARADIGM platform offers high throughput, precise liquid handling, flexibility, workflow integration, and user-friendly operation, making it an indispensable tool for laboratories requiring automated sample processing and high-throughput screening capabilities.

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