Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) measures the quantum mechanical magnetic properties of atomic nuclei when exposed to a magnetic field or electromagnetic pulses. It provides information about the physical, chemical, electronic and structural properties of molecules.  Find New and Used Benchtop NMR systems in online auctions, and classified ads for sale on LabX.

Benchtop NMR

The picoSpin-45L proton NMR spectrometer is a true breakthrough in chemical instrumentation. Now you can afford a dedicated NMR spectrometer for your research, for your process, or for your classroom. Liquid samples are simply injected into an internal capillary via front-panel fittings, and only 20 microliters of sample fluid is needed to obtain a spectrum. A highly stable temperature-controlled permanent magnet ensures easy maintenance-free operation without the need for liquid cryogens. The unit occupies a small fraction of the space of a conventional NMR spectrometer and it does not require specialized knowledge or training for operation. NMR data is generated in the industry-standard JCAMP-DX format for compatibility with standard NMR data analysis packages. The unit's fluid capillary is contained within a cartridge and is easily user replaceable in the event it becomes blocked or contaminated.

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