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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. iMark

The iMark microplate absorbance reader is an economical, high-performance solution for a wide range of photometric applications. The iMark reader represents the next generation of Bio-Rad's popular Model 550 and Model 680 series Microplate readers. For over two decades, Bio-Rad absorbance microplate readers have hit the highest marks for reliability and efficiency in thousands of laboratories around the world.  
The iMark microplate absorbance reader offers fast microplate reading speeds, extensive onboard software capabilities, a preprogrammed validation protocol (for the Checkmark reader performance check plate), and a built-in printer in a compact, lightweight unit. The instrument can be used as a stand-alone reader or be controlled by a PC or Mac with Microplate Manager 6 software.  
The wavelength range of the iMark reader is 400–750 nm, permitting many applications, such as ELISAs with colorimetric substrates and protein assays (such as Bradford and Lowry).  
Kinetic reading can also be programmed with onboard software or controlled by Microplate Manager software. The iMark reader’s onboard software is well suited for life science and clinical laboratories. The software includes security login features that allow locking and unlocking of key protocol settings by the administrator, generous memory capacity for protocol creation and storage, comprehensive curve-fit selections, and extensive reporting functions. Onboard software includes preprogrammed protocols for the Bio-Rad Checkmark reader performance verification kit, to validate the IQ/OQ/PQ of the iMark reader in compliance with GLP. Other life science and specialized protocols are also included, such as for the Bio-Rad TSE kits and a growing number of food testing and clinical kits.  
The iMark reader comes with six standard absorbance filters: 415, 450, 490, 595, 655, and 750 nm. Bio-Rad also supplies custom filters at 5 nm intervals from 400 to 750 nm on request. A wide-format internal thermal graphical printer saves lab space and simplifies stand-alone operation.
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