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BioSpec Mini-BeadBeater 8

Introduced 30 years ago, the Mini-Beadbeater-8 is the first high-energy cell disrupter designed to handle multiple vial samples at a time. The Mini-Beadbeater-8 disrupts microbial cells and plant and animal tissue by violently agitating one to eight standard microcentrifuge tubes containing small ceramic beads and disruption buffer. Even resistant samples like yeast, spores or fibrous tissue are completely homogenized in about 3 minutes in 0.1 to 1 ml of extraction medium. The non-foaming, aerosol-free method preserves enzymes and organelles. In the presence of nucleic acid extraction media such as phenol, Gu-SCN or a commercial kit solution, DNA or RNA is recovered in the highest possible yield. The method is ideal for PAGE, PCR applications and diagnostics using antibody or oligonucleotide probes. Possible sample-to-sample cross contamination is completely eliminated by one time use of low cost vials and beads.

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