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Biotage Evaporator

Biotage Evaporator

TurboVap® II Concentration Evaporator Workstation is a microprocessor-controlled concentrator used for sample preparation that provides unattended, automated sample evaporation. The six position evaporation systems uses a patented gas vortex shearing action and optical sensors to provide fast and efficient evaporation of organic solvents.          

TurboVap® II increases the capacity and sample throughput in laboratories, eliminates concentration bottlenecks and maintains quality and lower costs. This instrument has 6 sample positions and enables the user to evaporate to solid state or concentrate into a fixed end-point volume. The small footprint of TurboVap® II makes it the ideal choice in today's laboratories. It takes up only a fraction of the bench space used by conventional rotary evaporators and can even be used outside a fume cupboard by using the integral vent tube.

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