The ELx800™ is designed for applications within the clinical, biotechnology research and pharmaceutical laboratory. Its compact footprint and proven robust design makes it an ideal solution for many microplate based biological assays. The ELx800 can be controlled by Gen5 software, expanding the reader’s capabilities to include kinetics and well area scanning measurements. Gen5 offers unsurpassed data reduction capability as well as customizable data output options. When standalone use is preferred, the ELx800 on-board software is extensive for a variety of qualitative and quantitative applications.

Biotek ELx800

The ELx800™ is a compact, robust microplate reader ideally suited for applications within the clinical and life science research laboratory. When interfaced with BioTek’s Gen5™ software, the ELx800 applications are expanded to include kinetic and well area scanning measurements in microplates from 6-well to 384-well. When space or budget are limited, the ELx800 offers extensive on-board software, complete with multiple curve fit options, data transformations, cutoff and assay validation calculations. The outstanding performance of this hardworking microplate reader and its proven reliability makes the ELx800 an unbeatable value for your laboratory

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