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BMG Galaxy

In the past, cell-based assays required the use of expensive HTS equipment, which lead to limited accessibility for scientists in the assay development stage. In order to reduce this bottleneck, BMG LABTECH developed the NOVOstar, an exciting microplate reader for screening a large number of compounds in fast kinetic, cell-based assays and research development. The NOVOstar is a compact microplate reader offering five detection modes in a unique combination with an integrated pipettor system for automated assembly and instantaneous reading of assays in microplate formats up to 384-well. 
  • Fluorescence Polarization    
  • Fluorescence Intensity - including FRET and multilable applications    
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence - including DELFIA®    
  • Absorbance - UV/Vis with path length correction    
  • High-Performance Luminescence (flash and glow) - DLReadyTM certified     
Unlike a conventional microplate reader, the NOVOstar has a dual microplate carrier that allows the user to designate one as a reagent plate and the other as a measurement plate.    
An integrated transfer pipettor delivers compounds from the reagent plate or from one of the three reagent stations to the measurement plate allowing the user to prepare wells    
or start kinetic events. Using this system, up to 384 compounds can be screened in a signalling assay - virtually impossible to do using a conventional plate reader.     
Additionally, two onboard reagent injectors can deliver variable volumes of reagent to wells giving you a wide range of liquid handling options, combined with the measurement abilities of a conventional multifunctional microplate reader.
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