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Bosch Capsule Filler

Bosch Capsule Filler

The KKE 1700 capsule checkweigher sets the standard in the field of 100% capsule weighing. The precise gravimetric weighing technology and ergonomic design make them the ideal choice for your capsule checkweighing needs.     
A major feature of the Bosch KKE 1700 is its easy accessibility. The integrated cGMP and ASB technology (anti troubel-shooting) guarantee extremely high productivity. The permanent positive guidance of the capsules also guarantees maximum pharmaceutical security. In addition, the machine is impressive through its high production uptimes and the comprehensive documentation of its production batches.

Bosch Capsule Filling machines are used for research and development as well as production. Bosch Packaging Technology is a leading provider in the capsule filling industry. 

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