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Bruker AXS

Bruker AXS

Bruker AXS X-ray Spectrometry equipment is just one of the specialities that Bruker has committed themselves to to continue to improve performance. 

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ARTAX is the first commercially available portable µ-XRF spectrometer designed to meet the requirements for a spectroscopic analysis of unique and valuable objects on site, i.e. in archeometry and art history.

The system performs a simultaneous multi element analysis in the element range from Na(11) to U(92) and attains a spatial resolution of down to 70 µm.

The measurement procedure is non-destructive and non-contact, there is no damage whatsoever to the objects under investigation. ARTAX is set up and operational within 30 minutes. A normal mains power supply is the only requirement for operating ARTAX.

Depending on the application and available budget, there is a choice of several differently configured spectrometer versions, offering various features and levels of user comfort.

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Bruker D4 Endeavor XRD system
Price: $54,000.00

Condition: Refurbished