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Buchi R-220

The Buchi R-220 is a high-performance rotary evaporator renowned for its precision and versatility. With a maximum evaporation capacity of 12 liters per hour, the R-220 efficiently concentrates solvents and extracts, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in research and industry. Equipped with precise temperature control capabilities, the R-220 ensures optimal evaporation conditions, with temperature ranges typically spanning from 20-180 degrees Celsius. Featuring advanced vacuum control systems, the R-220 enables precise adjustment of vacuum levels to achieve desired evaporation rates and maximize sample recovery. Designed with user safety in mind, the R-220 includes safety features such as automatic overheating protection and robust construction to prevent accidents and ensure reliable operation. The Buchi R-220 is an indispensable tool for laboratories and industrial settings requiring efficient and quantifiable solvent evaporation, offering precise control, high throughput, and exceptional performance.