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Cilas Particle Size 920

Cilas Particle Size 920

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With an extremely compact cast iron optical bench, the CILAS 920 is able to run powder or emulsion size analysis, from 0.3 up to 400 Μm, within a few seconds. The 830 nm laser diode, with a very long lifetime, lights the sample. A photodiode matrix detector acquires the diffraction pattern. The results are presented in 30 classes.   

As for all the range of CILAS particle size analyzers, the CILAS 920 benefits from this  patented, original and unique design which switches, by a simple "click of a mouse", between liquid and dry mode in a matter of seconds. There is no need for an additional module, nor is there any need for realignment or recalibration. All types of samples can be analyzed.   

The CILAS 920 is the ideal tool for the construction industries dealing with cements or other dedicated products. It is also very useful in the chemical industries and, taken as a whole, in production control.