Cryomed freezers for controlled rate freezing and other cryogenic uses. Find a Cryomed Freezing Chamber For Sale or Auction at LabX.

Cryomed Freezing Chamber

Caron’s Freeze/Thaw Chambers precisely control a wide range of temperature and (optional) humidity settings. This broad range encompasses nearly every ambient environment on earth. Automatic, versatile and programmable cycling between setpoints enables continuous simulation of the harsh conditions of freezing and thawing for rapid testing. These demanding temperature and humidity cycling studies require accurate control of thermal conditions, and are best served by our chambers.     

Our chambers will accomodate a wide range of freeze/thaw studies, including pharmaceutical drug studies, concrete and asphalt testing, coating and adhesive testing, outdoor weathering tests, stress testing and more! Our product offering includes two sizes of large capacity, reach-in units. Our products are not only consistently reliable, but offer best in class customer friendly features and unique energy efficient components.