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DeltaNu ExamineR

DeltaNu ExamineR

The ExamineR™ combines the solid research quality of the Olympus BX51 with the performance of Raman spectroscopy. This combination results in a Raman microscope that offers outstanding imaging and spectral characteristics. Our patented free-space design creates a unique modular system that adapts to virtually any microscope, eliminating tedious laser, filter, and grating swapping required with other Raman microscopes. Our top mounted Raman module gives the ExamineR the smallest footprint in the industry and is available with 532nm or 785nm wavelength modules. Two software options are available for the ExamineR: NuSpec™ instrument control software for data acquisition and library development and NuImage™, our mapping software that maximizes ExamineR’s potential by unlocking its Raman mapping capabilities. NuImage features intuitive map building and image overlays with false color maps created from the collected Raman spectra. Additional ExamineR options include spectral libraries, a simple Raman microscopy/light microscopy switch-over, a Class I safety option, and an attachment to perform Raman analyses on liquids.

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