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DeltaNu Inspector Raman

DeltaNu Inspector Raman

Inspector Raman™ is a robust, battery-powered, handheld dispersive Raman spectrometer designed for the non-destructive, real time identification of solids, liquids, pastes and slurries. This lightweight, dispersive spectrometer is easy to use, has no moving parts and may be used in any position. Inspector Raman can collect samples through sealed bags, transparent bottles, flasks, vials, and ampoules to protect users from direct exposure to hazardous substances. Our optional point and shoot attachment enables the rapid, efficient analysis of solids.       

Inspector Raman has convenient push buttons on both its sensing head and touch-sensitive screen. Once a sample is measured, Inspector Raman’s material ID library is searched automatically and the best material matches are displayed within seconds. For the ultimate portability, data can be retrieved remotely using Bluetooth® technology or via USB and a laptop PC with DeltaNu’s NuSpec™ software. Spectral libraries for the identification of unknown substances are available or may be user-created or updated with known materials using DeltaNu’s library development software. Attachments are included for sampling both liquids and solids and NuScope™, our optional microscope attachment, enables further sample examination in the laboratory.       

Inspector Raman is ideal for multiple applications in the field as well as in the laboratory. These include reaction monitoring, industrial raw materials identification, pharmaceutical process monitoring and chemical identification, authentication of antiques and historical works of art, botanical research, octane number in fuels, and edible fats and oil analysis for the food industry.

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