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Denver Lab Balance

Balances that combine the latest advances in weighing technology with a superior, yet simple, user-interface. Denver Instruments New Pinnacle Series balances offer simple menu-driven operation, easy-to-read display, an extensive list of applications and the most comprehensive standard serial interfacing available.     

Analytical balances with capacities from 110 to 310 grams offer a 9.5" (24 1mm) high weighing chamber with easy-access top and side sliding doors. Mini-Draft Shield (MDS) balances feature a 6.1" (155 mm) high weighing chamber. Toploading balances with capacities from 200 grams to 8 kilograms are perfect for a variety of applications. Four fine-dynamic dual range balances offer increased versatility.     

DenverCal included on PI-Series Balances. DenverCal provides three options for internal calibration. Calibration will automatically engage at factory-defined time intervals or when the ambient temperature changes significantly. Or, the user defines the regularity of the internal calibration. Internal calibration can also be executed with precision internal weights, with the press of the calibration key. All Pinnacle models will also recognize and calibrate to various external weights.     

Pinnacle balances feature large, powerful back-lit display, automatic calibration, moisture weighing, tare weights, density determination, multiple weigh modes, parts counting, animal weighing, built-in statistical functions, programmable environmental settings, Ethernet, USB and RS232C interface ports.

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