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Dionex ASE 350

The Dionex ASE 350 is an advanced Accelerated Solvent Extractor (ASE). With the ability to process up to 24 samples simultaneously, the ASE 350 significantly increases sample throughput, allowing for rapid extraction of target compounds from solid and semisolid samples. The instrument utilizes elevated temperatures and pressures to enhance the efficiency of solvent extraction, ensuring thorough extraction of analytes from a wide range of sample matrices. Featuring precise temperature and pressure control mechanisms, the ASE 350 maintains optimal extraction conditions throughout the extraction process, ensuring reproducible and quantifiable results. The ASE 350 accommodates various sample sizes and types, offering flexibility in sample preparation for applications such as environmental analysis, food testing, pharmaceutical analysis, and more. Equipped with intuitive software and automation capabilities, the ASE 350 streamlines the extraction process, reducing manual intervention and minimizing the risk of errors while providing quantifiable and reliable extraction results. The Dionex ASE 350 is an indispensable tool for laboratories requiring efficient and quantifiable extraction of analytes from solid and semisolid samples, offering high throughput and reproducibility in sample preparation for analytical and research purposes.

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