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Dionex ICS-1600

Dionex ICS-1600

The ICS-1600 system is designed to perform isocratic ion chromatography (IC) separations using conductivity detection with standard bore (4 mm) and microbore (2 mm) columns. Multiple available valving configurations support many modes of automated sample preparation.  
When configured as an RFIC-ER™ system, the ICS-1600 allows continuous operation for up to four weeks using a single eluent preparation. Chromeleon® software provides full control and digital data collection from a PC using USB high-speed communication protocol. Available options include in-line vacuum degassing and the RFIC-ER installation kit.

The Dionex ICS-1600 system was designed for solid IC performance and ease-of-use with electrolytic suppression and front panel control. 

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