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Dry Glove Box

Coy Dry Glove Boxes control and maintain humidity levels below ambient conditions, achieving a humidity level of 5% or lower through either a desiccant system for removing moisture or through a dry gas purge system, typically utilizing dry nitrogen or argon. Control is through a revolutionary sensor and monitor/controller providing precise control in .1% increments, with tuning features.


Two standard styles are available: a clear Polycarbonate unit that features a lower cost to purchase, and relatively low cost to customize. The Aluminum units while more expensive on initial purchase are a longer lasting, sturdy build that with the addition of tempered Glass can be used in highly corrosive chemical use. Polycarbonate units have 4 standard sizes and Aluminum units have two.


The automatic controller provides monitoring and control of the relative humidity. It activates the necessary system (dehumidification for humidification) when the moisture level deviates from the adjustable set point. Flow rates, sensor position circulation, and orifice positions were all considered in the design to maximize control capabilities and humidity uniformity across the glove box. Since this is a closed loop circulation system, an inert gas environment can be maintained in the glove box while controlling the humidity.


Two systems are available to dry these Humidity Control Glove Boxes a Desiccant Drying System (Pictured above) and a Dry Gas Purge System. The Desiccant System is standard however the Dry Gas Purge System can be substituted at no extra cost. The Dry Gas Purge System allows for a lower attainable humidity level 3% (1% using special dry gas) vs 5% for the desiccant System. The Gas Purge System is also cleaner, provides faster drying times and requires less maintenance (Desiccant needs to be rejuvenated). The Desiccant Drying system can be a lot less expensive to operate. The two systems can also be used to work together to minimize the cost of the dry gas purge system.


All units are equipped with gloveless sleeves to allow superior handling of interior samples. However, the moisture from skin does influence Humidity levels below 15% Rh and for these applications the user may need to operate with gloves which can easily placed over COY over the gloveless sleeve cuff.


All units have an optional pass thru chamber (air lock) available. This enables transfer of equipment and samples with out drastic changes to the interior environment.


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