Shakers are part of a wide range of laboratory products produced by Eberbach. Find Eberbach Shakers for sale through online auctions and classified ads on LabX. 

Eberbach Shakers

Eberbach’s large capacity Variable-Speed Orbital Shakers is designed for rotary swirling action and is used extensively in tissue culture work, aeration of fermentations and various other chemical mixing procedures.       

Like all Eberbach Shakers these are simple to use and maintain. These heavy-duty shakers are powered by a 3/8hp DC motor for exception-ally long life. The E6145 uses Eberbach’s new controller which has digital tachometer along with digital countdown timer. The desired rate of rotation is dialed in from the speed control knob on front panel and speed is monitored via tachometer. The digital countdown timer can be selected for timed operation of the unit can be used for constant operation. The eccentric drive is counterbalanced to assure smooth acceleration and minimal bearing wear. Speed is continuously variable between a range of 30 - 320 rpm. The E6145 has a 1” diameter orbit to insure uniform agitation to all containers.        

For large and/or irregularly shaped containers Eberbach’s optional utility box carrier (E6162) may be added. You can double the holding capacity with a second platform (E6165) and a set of tiering posts, keeping within the weight restrictions: E6145 load capacity is 0 – 150 lbs. This product is backed by Eberbachs standard 2 year “Bumper to Bumper” warranty.