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Elisa Microplate Reader

ELISA readers have become a commodity in most laboratories. ELISA assays combine the specificity of an antibody with the sensitivity of enzyme assays, giving rise to a wide variety of applications – including clinical, forensic and food research. In addition, ELISA readers can be used to quantify many other types of colorimetric assays, including protein quantification using the classic Lowry, Bradford or BCA methods, and others.

  • The Biochrom EZ Read 400 ELISA is an economically priced, easy-to-use microplate reader for 96-well plates, quick to set up and requiring minimal training.
  • The simple, robust microplate reader has no un-necessary features and is ideally suited to labs with multi-level users.
  • The Biochrom EZ Read 400 ELISA Microplate Reader is delivered as standard with filters covering the most common ELISA substrates, plus a reference filter.
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